About Us

In 1982 a little white house was being used as a respite care nursery. Due to the ever-growing needs of low-income families in Clearfield, the nursery expanded into a small food bank then growing into storage units behind the house. The nursery moved to our current location and our food bank kept expanding until we purchased our Community Action Building located at 875 East Hwy. 193 in Layton.

Since we began serving low-income families, we took on the Community Action philosophy of helping people overcome poverty, not just by giving them food or clothing, but by helping them see the people they are and how important they are to our community. From one small program in 1982, Open Doors has grown into our Family Support Program with the mission of child abuse prevention through strengthening families and our Community Action Programs to help families overcome the barriers of poverty. Our programs include food bank, homeless prevention, Emergency Assistance, Self-Sufficiency Program, Circles Davis County, Toys for Tots, VITA Tax preparation, Crisis/respite Nursery and Parent Education.

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Our Mission

The mission of Open Doors is to empower families and individuals to overcome abuse and poverty to attain self-reliance.

Our Vision

At Open Doors, we’re aiming to shape communities to be free of poverty and abuse, eventually reaching full autonomy and rendering our services unneeded.


For 2019, Open Doors provided over 10,000 individuals with anti-poverty and strengthening family’s services. Open Doors has been a proud member of the Davis County Community since 1982. Our vision is to eradicate abuse and poverty in Davis County. Over the past 10 years, Open Doors has intentionally shifted more resources, staffing and funding toward self-sufficiency outcomes.Transforming our community so that vulnerable families thrive.