Our Services

At Open Doors, we strive to help those who don’t see other options. We have several programs available to help adults improve their situations and prepare their children to avoid similar circumstances as they get older.

By providing these programs to adults and families with or without children, Open Doors staff works to reduce child abuse, neglect and family stress.

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Family Support

The purpose of Family Support is to help educate parents and prevent child abuse. Services include parent education, the respite and crisis nurseries, and therapy.

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Community Action

Community Action is a program dedicated to getting people out of poverty by primarily assisting individuals and families already along the pathway to self-reliance.

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In partnership with Circles, we offer a 12-week best practices peer-mentoring class aimed at helping low-income individuals break the cycle of poverty.

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Giving Back

At Open Doors, we help others on their journey to their best selves by inviting them to participate—to open the door for others who are carrying heavy loads.