Getting Better. Together.

Sometimes we get in a place in life where it’s hard to find our way out. We get discouraged and feel helpless when all we need is a little direction and a helping hand. Living in a difficult situation can also lead to dysfunctional relationships, domestic violence and child abuse.

Open Doors is here to help by providing the resources needed to assist families in find lasting solutions to poverty, attain self-reliance and prevent abuse.

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Every Dollar Counts

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We Are Evolving

Change is hard, but we know it’s necessary for growth. One way we’re changing to better fit the needs of everyone we work with is by changing from Family Connection Center to Open Doors.

Our purpose is still to promote self-sufficiency and strengthen families rather than replace personal responsibility. We will always strive to eradicate abuse and poverty, establishing instead strong family relationships and a sense of self-reliance.

By providing resources to our fellow human beings, we’re guiding families back to getting on their feet just like we always have and always will.